I was going through some blogs when I came across He has a list called ‘My 101 in 1001’. Now, I can’t think of 101 things yet, so I’m not going to call it the same name. So as a ‘to-do’ list for myself, this is what I came up with. I’ll be posting about whatever I am working on and keep posting about my progress as I go through it.

Break procrastination
Organize my papers
Buy a photography camera
Start a candle making business
Get a domain name
Throw a Halloween party
Go to Disney Land
Start my weight loss journey
Go 31 days without without soda
Go 31 days without macoroni and cheese
Go 31 days without fast food
Decide on a career path
Return to school
Put a note in a bottle and throw it into the ocean

2 Responses to “To-Do”
  1. Sweet. I didn’t even know you had come across my blog. I’m glad my list inspired you to start your own. I’ll say from experience that the days with only water, or without fast food, aren’t as hard when you make it a goal. It’s hard to START the goal, but after a few days, you want to finish it because you don’t want to fail.

    The ‘no soda’ goal is easier if you buy packs of 24 bottles of water and keep them in the house. That’s how I did it. If I had water sitting there for me, I would just drink that.

    I appreciate you putting me on your ‘Blogroll’, and making this page saying I inspired you. Thank you.

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