Personal Review: Kleenex Hand Towels



I have to tell you about this product.  If you haven’t already tried it or seen it.  This has to be one of the best things Kleenex has ever come out with.  We have been stocking up on these and we keep them in the bathroom.  WIth my toddler, it has to be the best thing ever.

The towel doesn’t rip, at all.  I’ve used it for so many messes, to clean up a dirty little face and hands and even wiped down the counters.  IT’s extremely strong and I absolutely love it.

You can buy it in a nearby Walmart if you need to check it out.  I recommend this product every mother out there.

Without it, I’m wasting through towels, paper towels and whatever else gets used to clean up messes.  This at least lets me clean up everything and doesn’t give me an issue.  It does a great job at cleaning up too.

It’s been able to pick up nearly anything that doesn’t need a good scrub.  I can’t tell you one bad thing about this, it really has helped me greatly with my three-year-old.

This review is a personal review.  I am not being compensated in any way for this.  This post of my own accord.


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