What This Blog is About

I have been visiting a ton of other blogs, joining a few communities and just overall reading up on blogging, mom blogging and doing what’s right.  Trying not to get caught up all the information.  One thing I did see a lot is knowing what you want to blog about.  But I got so many interests.  I love to write, I love photography.  I love video games.  I’m could sit through an Opera and enjoy every moment of it, go to an art museum and be in heaven.  I could stroll down the beach and come up with a storyline for an RPG plot.

I play World of Warcraft daily.  I think of new things to write daily.  I am trying to replace a broken camera to get my photography going again.  I’m a cat lover.  Halloween’s my favorite holiday.

I want to learn new things as well.  Learn to cook, learn to do crafts.  Learn to save money and even travel to various places.  So much I want to do.  I’m only in my mid 20’s, with one handsome little man.

So to tell you what this blog is about…. Me.  It’s what I like.  It’s what I want.  It is… a collective of my soul.  Writing Intoxication – A Soul Collective.  Perfect.

I want to get to know people.  I want to meet other mothers either around me or around the world.  Get to know different cultures.  Learn from what others have gone through.  My son’s still in the toddler stage and he’s the only child I’ve ever handled.  Seriously I never even held a baby until he was born.  I wasn’t a ‘kid’ person as people would say.  Let alone, most didn’t even think I’d ever have a child.

Having him was the greatest moment of my life.  Together, we’ll face the world.  I learn daily that I still have so much more to learn, do, explore and face with him by my side.

Please Note: Images in here are supplies by me, with the exception of one (she was born famous….).  The one image was a google find a long time ago, I do not know who made it, when where or how.

2 Responses to “What This Blog is About”
  1. Mommy Scribe says:

    Saw your comment on Mom Bloggers, why you blog. We share a lot of interests, though I gave up WoW four years ago. :D

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