Halloween and now it’s November….

So for Halloween, Jayson was …well had a head cold.  It was little that night.  We visited my Uncle at his house, had some Pizza, talked for a little while and returned home.  The next day he had Head Start.  Half way through the day I got a phone call, Jayson had a temperature of 101 degrees.  So I went and picked him up from school.  I gave it a day, gave him some tylonel and let him rest, as much as a 3-year-old rests anyways.  The next day his voice was getting hoarse and worse then the day before.  So off to the doctors…. we’ve got strep.  Atleast now I know what his problem is.

Little man was so exhuasted the day I brought him home from school.  He passed right out on his bed.  It was too cute! He’s slowly getting better, thankfully he is easy to get to take his medicine.  Though the one for strep is a bribe.  It does smell nasty.  I remember hating to take certain medicines when i was younger.


In other news, I did make it to my Head Start Parent Committee meeting last night.  I can’t discuss details of the meeting itself but it does lead into Parent Night.  Which was nothing but ‘Extreme Couponing’.  Now I’m not the shopper in my family right now as I live with my mother.  But there was some interesting stories and information last night.

They explained about coupon stacking and showed some blogs that make it easy to find more deals.  Which, I had already known about.  It was very informative.  It was an hour long session explaining about how to coupon and how to start off.  One of the people who were talking explained how they went from a little coupon divider to a huge coupon binder.  And she brought both in to show us.  Her bind is absolutly huge.  With cut outs and whole ads and everything is organized.  We didn’t get a chance to look through her binder but it was definitly an amazing site to see.


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