What I love about this month

What I love about this month is a montly meme I’m starting.  As I was reading through All-You magazine, I saw a story called What you love this month.  It got me thinking about what I love most about each month.  They all fall in their own seasons with their only holidays and events going on.

What I love most about November are the trees.  They are absolutly gorgeous.  The various warm colors; red, orange and yellow just mix so well.  When I lived in the country, it was a sight to see.  I had one particular tree outside my.  It was half dead and stood alone next to the neighbors garage.  The side that was still alive, barely, I could watch year round as its remaining life turned with the seasons.  It always was soothing to see the green leaves die out.  But I could just be weird myself, in all honesty, dead things appeal to me.  Weird yes? A dead rose is much prettier to me than one that is live.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like them, including the leaves, alive and thriving.  They just appeal to me when they’re dying or dead.

One Response to “What I love about this month”
  1. I miss all the colors of the fall. I’m on the coast in NC and we don’t see much change in our trees.

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