Halloween is around the corner

Since my last post, a few things have happened.  Mostly in the last couple of days.  Yesterday, my sister came over with her boyfriend for dinner.  Which was just finger foods.  Something my mother ordered from QVC she uses for it.  It’s a really weird thing but it works well.  Except, of course, mozzarella sticks which cheese leaked onto the bottom of the stove.  That was a smokey hour or so.  It was rather entertaining actually.

But while my sister was playing with my son, he tripped and fell over his own feet.  He did hurt himself, so I had him lay down with me.  He fell asleep a little while later.  At a decent time where he shouldn’t have woken up at all.  But he did, screaming in pain.  So I brought him out into the living room.  He still couldn’t walk on his foot it hurt him bad.

So our night included a trip to the hospital to make sure he didn’t do any actual damage to his foot.  He’s still not walking on it but it should heal up soon.  Originally we were supposed to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s but that’s not happening.


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