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    Procrastinating mother of one little boy. Love techology and photography. I write poetry and stories and WoW fanfictions for my RP characters. I love horror films and zombies and vampires. The Gothic culture is a huge interest to me and is a lifestyle.

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I apologize for this short absense… Black Friday can be pretty hectic for a few days when working retail, nonetheless making sure the little one is OK after being sent home from school.  A post to be made soon! Advertisements

Personal Review: Kleenex Hand Towels

    I have to tell you about this product.  If you haven’t already tried it or seen it.  This has to be one of the best things Kleenex has ever come out with.  We have been stocking up on these and we keep them in the bathroom.  WIth my toddler, it has to be … Continue reading

All Aboard!

Usually Wednesday or Thursdays are my laundry days.  There’s always something you can find at a laundromat.  Someone’s always leaving papers around for the public.  I came across this little thing talking about The Polar Express Ride in Saratoga & North Creek Railway.  I know this has got to be a pretty awesome thing!  Remember, this … Continue reading

Night Time Stroll

So about 5 PM last night, the little one was driving me nuts.  He had a bunch energy that needed to be let out.  So we went for a walk around the city (Doing everything to avoid the park!!).  We saw the train come by and gave a visit to dear Aunt Rhiannon.  Jayson absolutly … Continue reading

Interests: Roleplaying

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big World of Warcraft fan.  Like, it’s a daily do no matter what.  One of the best parts of the game is that there’s more to it than RP, there’s raiding end game content and PvP if you’re into killing other players.  Which has it’s ups and downs. But … Continue reading

What This Blog is About

I have been visiting a ton of other blogs, joining a few communities and just overall reading up on blogging, mom blogging and doing what’s right.  Trying not to get caught up all the information.  One thing I did see a lot is knowing what you want to blog about.  But I got so many interests.  … Continue reading

Take the Pledge

The Mom Pledge is about women standing up, speaking out, and coming together to eradicate online bullying among moms.  The time has come for us to take the power back and own the issue. While I was looking over this site, it spoke to me.  It’s a lot like bullying of any other kind, onlly … Continue reading

Halloween and now it’s November….

So for Halloween, Jayson was …well had a head cold.  It was little that night.  We visited my Uncle at his house, had some Pizza, talked for a little while and returned home.  The next day he had Head Start.  Half way through the day I got a phone call, Jayson had a temperature of … Continue reading

What I love about this month

What I love about this month is a montly meme I’m starting.  As I was reading through All-You magazine, I saw a story called What you love this month.  It got me thinking about what I love most about each month.  They all fall in their own seasons with their only holidays and events going … Continue reading

Halloween is around the corner

Since my last post, a few things have happened.  Mostly in the last couple of days.  Yesterday, my sister came over with her boyfriend for dinner.  Which was just finger foods.  Something my mother ordered from QVC she uses for it.  It’s a really weird thing but it works well.  Except, of course, mozzarella sticks … Continue reading

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